The 7 great reasons to join us


Fuel your pride (and others, too)
Thanks to us, several million people in Europe are able to fuel their bodies and minds in the best quality, safest and healthiest conditions.

We think that’s something to be proud of – don’t you?


Be true to yourself.
You don’t need specific experience to join STEF. What matters most to us is your mindset;

we’ll teach you the rest!


Flourish at work
At STEF, people are our main concern. How do we show it? We help each other, trust each other, and promote well-being with equipment made to suit individual needs.

Join us and let every day be a great day!


Complete specialised training
At STEF, you can level up your skills in technical areas, marketing, management – almost anything you can think of. You can even earn professional certifications,

and make your future an ambitious one.


Be on an equal footing
At STEF, we operate a proactive policy when it comes to equal opportunities. Our three main commitments: gender equality in the workplace, professional training for young people and accessibility for disabled people at work.

What more could you want?


Land your first job
At STEF, we welcome the talent of the future with open arms, whether they’re here for an internship, a work-study programme, or a short- or long-term contract. The only thing we require is enthusiasm!

And young graduates with master’s degree-level education can train to become future managers in the 2-year STEF Graduate Programme.


Share big commitments
At STEF, we’re conscientious about our environmental impact. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing water and energy consumption, recycling and reusing waste, experimenting with alternative technology in our vehicles…

All of these are commitments and progress that we make together.

In summary, it’s pretty cool to work at STEF.
4,000 jobs a year means
4,000 chances
to learn, grow and blossom – in a sustainable way.
And we’re not worried about your background, experience or education.

What matters to us is you.

To keep it snappy, come join us at STEF.

Anyway, you choose your reason for joining us.

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